Auntie Anne’s – Internship Work


Objective: Work as an intern for Auntie Anne’s and maybe enjoy a pretzel or two along the way.

In the summer of 2018, I got my first internship in the field of graphic design. I made my way down to Lancaster, PA and found a seat in the creative department of Auntie Anne’s’ corporate office with my name on it. While there, I was treated the same way as a new non-intern employee would’ve been. As the creative intern I was handed multiple projects and handled them with general ease. The overarching internship project for me was conceptualizing a campaign for the 2018 holiday season. My concept evolved immensely in only a few weeks and in the end was chosen as one of the three to be presented as viable options. While not chosen to be processed completely in the end, it was a tremendous learning experience and gave with a taste of what in-house design really is.

Besides the campaign, I handled countless small design projects using pre-made assets, processed a logo and some design comps for the marketing intern’s Grand Opening campaign, illustrated the company’s corporate 2018 holiday card, designed an employee hand washing guide package, assisted in two professional photoshoots for other campaigns, attended a presentation seminar held at FOCUS Brands’ main office in Atlanta, and gave a presentation to the entire office condensing the work I just listed. I even went through training on how to work every position in an actual Auntie Anne’s location, which included practicing pretzel-making skills. Overall, the experience was phenomenal and gave me a taste of the in-house design experience. I designed things for the real world, utilized collaboration software and worked across departments, developed teamwork skills, and left the internship as a better designer.